September 11


Should you buy Shiny Object Lemonade by Lee Murray?

By Angelo

September 11, 2016

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Do you find you suffer from shiny object syndrome? Of course you do, we all do. But, here’s the exciting part, what if you could use this unfortunate affliction that causes so much frustration and turn it into a model that makes you money over and over. Lee Murray’s new ebook “Shiny Object Lemonade” teaches you just that. Read on to and see if Shiny Object Lemonade by Lee Murray is for you or not.


Conquer your Shiny Object Syndrome Once and For All…


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I received a review copy of Lee’s latest guide and read it from cover to cover. In this review I’d like to give my opinion and thoughts on Shiny Object Lemonade. Hopefully you’ll gain some insight as to what this training can offer and if it’s what you need in your online endeavours.

I usually find Lee’s training very thorough and well laid out, but more importantly actionable.

Let’s see if this guide is up to the standard we expect from Lee.


My review of Shiny Object Lemonade:

If you’ve bought any of Lee Murray’s courses you’ll already know that Lee writes with impact. The training presented in this ebook course is no different when it comes to packing a punch.

By the end of Chapter 1, Lee already had me gut punched by his words. Lee has done it again, but this time he’s hitting hard on one of the toughest things to master for any beginner in the online world, and that’s conquering “Shiny Object Syndrome” as it’s often called.

Dare I admit I’m subject to this very affliction? You better believe it. I just love my shiny objects! This course has really opened my eyes, and given me direction while not making any excuses for this little shiny object syndrome I have. For that alone, I’d say you need to take a look for yourself.

Lee not only teaches you how to make money while collecting all the shiny trainings and courses that you purchase, but he also touches on aspects of mindset, trusting and believing in yourself and striving to be the best you can be by setting goals and following business models and trainings (this is definitely on of those trainings) that work.

So, what’s all this about mindset you ask?

If one simply wants to follow, then you’re never really going to become your own boss will you?

If you’re not going to fight for what you want, then you’re most likely not going to achieve your goals.

Here’s a random question for you… What does being a MMA fighter have to do with Lemonade? You’ll have to read SOL (Shiny Object Lemonade) to find out.

At the end of the day, we’re accountable only to ourselves. Dreams, as delicate as they are, should be guarded and defended with everything we have.

And this is all covered in Chapter 1! If a guide starts with so much punch, think what the rest is promising to be. I have high hopes.

This guide discusses in detail, models and approaches you can utilise to make your shiny object syndrome work for you, while making money. It’s so simple (the concept at least), but incredibly powerful.

Lee shows you the positives and negatives of each model, allowing you to select the model that will suite you the best. We’re all different with different skills.

With SOL you’re covered on all accounts.


Which model to choose?

Try one model, see how it goes, or you can try all three models. They’re all based on the same principal, so you’re actually building a business while working through the models, and having fun while doing so. The effort you put in will continue to work for you, over and over and over.

And that’s powerful stuff!

Two of the models aren’t niche specific, so whatever niche you’re in, you can get value from this guide. The last model is specific to the IM or internet marketing niche.

Business with ethics and integrity?

One thing that I appreciate about Lee Murray’s trainings, is that he always conducts his business with ethics and integrity. This guide is no different.

What he teaches will give you a sense of pride and achievement, all the while enjoying your shiny object affliction. It’s a win-win situation, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The guide touches on how to stop following, stop thinking like an employee, but rather to take control of your business and be your own boss.


It can’t all be good can it? Is this a perfect course?

Nothing is perfect now is it. I’m not taking anything away from this course, but I’d say it’s not for the complete beginner without a website to their name.

Who this is not for then? If you don’t know how to get a website, or if you don’t know how to buy a domain name, then you’ll need to get this figured out. It’s not difficult though, so don’t worry about this part.

You can still go through this course, but be prepared to get your website up and running. It’s easier than you think.

I’ve got you covered on this front if you are a complete beginner. I’ve included a link to my marketing tools and resources page, it includes everything you need to get  your website up and running.

You’ll have all the links at your fingertips to get started quickly and easily.


Is this course high level, or does it have some technical aspects to it?

Ever heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO? Ever wondered how to write an article properly?

Do you know what to include in your H1 and H2 tags, or the keywords to include and where?

Lee actually shows you exactly how to do so, this in itself is great value, it often takes beginners very long to figure this stuff out (it took me ages if I’m honest).


Does this cover list building and email marketing?

Do you know Lee Murray?

Have you ever read one of his guides?

If so, then you know that Lee lives and breathes list building and email marketing.

He’s a pro at email marketing and list building, if you wondered at all. Lee is a true master of the art of email marketing. If you’d like to read more on what Lee teaches on email marketing, take a look at my review of Email Slick 2.

I hope I’ve given the answer to the question above, yes, he does cover email marketing and list building, he covers these in detail while bringing it all together in a nice glass of shiny object lemonade. 🙂

The chapters covering list building and email marketing put everything together, simply and effectively.

It’s technical enough for you to follow along and get things set up, but not too technical that you get lost in the details.

As I mention above, this is not for the total newbie, but with my tools and resources page, you’re covered.



What is Shiny Object Lemonade all about? It’s about embracing the affliction we so lovingly call Shiny Object Syndrome and building a business in spite of it by making it work for you.

It’s about focus, setting goals and embracing the fact that you want to succeed online, build a business and live the life you dream of.

What can Shiny Object Lemonade offer? It offers you, as a minimum (it’s packed full of valuable info as you’ll see), actionable methods you can put into place right away, and start on your journey to making money online.

It teaches you exactly what to do with all the courses and products you’ve bought, and no doubt will buy, and how to turn the already mentioned affliction, into an online income for you.

Wait, am I saying Lee actually coaches you in this course? If you ever wanted a coach to talk you through getting started, setting up your business, what to do and how to do it, then instead of paying thousands of dollars on a coaching program, grab Shiny Object Lemonade and allow Lee to be your mentor.

Lee writing style literally talks you through everything you need to get started, step by step, shiny object syndrome and all!

My final thoughts, should you get Shiny Object Lemonade by Lee Murray? A HUGE YES! Grab your copy while it’s at this low low price. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find tons of value from this guide.

shiny object syndrome conquered by lee murray

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