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dfy email follow up series

Should you buy Lee Murray’s Email Follow-Up Series Done For You?

When a successful email marketer creates a Done-for-You Email Follow-Up series, there are a number of questions you’ll need to ask yourself. The first will be: How quickly can I buy Lee Murray’s DFY

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$50 per day affiliate guide

Should you buy Paul Nicholls $50 per day Affiliate Guide?

Are you wondering if you should buy Paul Nicholls $50 per day affiliate Guide? If so, read on, I got the course, and have put my thoughts below so you can decide for yourself if it’s something you

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Review - Email Slick 2 by Lee Murray

Review – Email Slick 2 by Lee Murray

I got a copy of Lee Murray’s Email Slick 2. Is it worth the hype? Read on to see what I thought of it and if you should get a copy or not. If you’re an online marketer then you’ve undoubtedly

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Reasons I chose Thrive Content Builder over Divi Builder

3 Reasons I chose Thrive Content Builder over Divi Builder, and other alternatives

You’re clearly wondering which of these powerful page builders is right for you. They’re both powerful pieces of software, but each has its strengths, and they’re different. Here’s my opinion on

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One man's story of reintegration with the modern world.

The world through the eyes of man who’s been away for 44 years

I’m a tech lover and even I get overwhelmed with today’s pace in technological advancements, but this gentleman must be lost in this new and alien world, being away for 44 years. Otis Johnson went

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tips to protect your websites

TalkTalk falls prey to a cyber attack, my tips to protect your websites

With TalkTalk recently falling prey to a cyber attack, for anyone that has a website it’s a scary thing to consider. The words “significant and sustained cyberattack” is not something I’d like

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1 million a day

Taylor Swift makes 1 million a day

Taylor Swift is not just a pretty face, she clearly has a head for business, it’s estimated that she makes a million dollars a day! That’s unimaginable in anybody’s book I think, but is this unachievable

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emilia clarke - sexiest woman alive 2015

Emilia Clarke – Sexiest woman alive 2015

Not only is she the sexiest woman alive, Emilia Clarke has got dragons to do her bidding! This lady is doing very well for herself if Game of Thrones is anything to go by. 🙂 If you haven’t watched

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Effective email marketing

Effective email marketing tips and tricks

If you’re reading this, then you know how powerful a tool and medium email is and can be. Read on to discover some effective email marketing tips and tricks, hopefully it helps you get better conversions. Below

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high converting sales page

How to build high converting sales pages that sell

A good sales page, one that has the best chances of high conversion should follow the structure we’ve set below. Of course, sales pages look different, but they should all follow the same flow, the

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