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squeeze page and download page with elementor pro

How to build a Squeeze page and Download page with Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro now has Mailchimp integration, and that’s fantastic because now you can build a squeeze page and download page with Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro allows you to build our email list, and

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convenient ways to make money online

A Couple of Convenient Ways to Make Money Online

There are innumerable ways in which the web has changed our everyday lives – from providing us with an endless source of information to allowing us to communicate with family and friends that are thousands

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protect your download pages

If you have a download page, protect your Download Pages with free plugins (and a paid one)

I never thought it would happen, but I recently had my hard work copied without my permission, all because I forgot to check a simple box! If you have a download page, you can protect your download pages

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transfer site

How to transfer your site to Lifetime.Hosting

Have you wondered if there could ever be such a thing as lifetime hosting? I did to, and then I went ahead and got lifetime hosting, from the aptly named, I went ahead and transferred

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tips to protect your websites

TalkTalk falls prey to a cyber attack, my tips to protect your websites

With TalkTalk recently falling prey to a cyber attack, for anyone that has a website it’s a scary thing to consider. The words “significant and sustained cyberattack” is not something I’d like

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Effective email marketing

Effective email marketing tips and tricks

If you’re reading this, then you know how powerful a tool and medium email is and can be. Read on to discover some effective email marketing tips and tricks, hopefully it helps you get better conversions. Below

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high converting sales page

How to build high converting sales pages that sell

A good sales page, one that has the best chances of high conversion should follow the structure we’ve set below. Of course, sales pages look different, but they should all follow the same flow, the

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cheapest traffic

Paid vs Free traffic, what is the cheapest traffic?

If we consider the title, one may assume that the cheapest traffic and possibly the best traffic is Free traffic, but is free really free? Let’s delve into this and figure out what the cheapest traffic

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personalized email address

Why you should own your own domain and personalized email address

If you send out emails for your business or as a marketer, you need to have your own domain and personalised email address, and here’s why. First of all, it’s all about trust. If you’re

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build trust

How to build trust with your visitors

The fastest way to build trust with your visitors is to draw them in to your story. You’ve clearly decided to create your website, your product or service because you have something to say, or something

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