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Should you buy Lee Murray’s Email Follow-Up Series Done For You?

By Angelo

August 16, 2016

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When a successful email marketer creates a Done-for-You Email Follow-Up series, there are a number of questions you’ll need to ask yourself. The first will be: How quickly can I buy Lee Murray’s DFY email series, and the second is: How quickly can I upload these emails to my autoresponder and start sending traffic. I can’t think of anything else to consider, you already know Lee is highly successful, you’re probably already on his email list, so you know you open all of them (this alone should give you an idea of his open rates), and then when it comes to his emails, in my opinion, they’re a cut above the rest, period.

With my initial thoughts out the way, let’s consider if Lee’s DFY email series is right for you.

Should you buy Lee Murray’s Email Follow-Up Series Done For You?


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Let’s start by looking at why you shouldn’t. I think it’s easier to get this aspect out the way before we consider why you should.

Why NOT to buy Lee Murray’s Email Follow-Up Series:

  • If you’re not in the online marketing business, then this may not be for you. I would hazard a guess, that by reading this article, you are, so there’s that.
  • If you’re already a successful email marketer, then you probably don’t need another set of emails, unless you’re really lazy (but even then, you might still want to test these out to see how well they convert).
  • If you’re not building your list, then creating a sales funnel with an email follow-up series may not be what you’re looking for. I would add here, that if you’re not building your list, you should. Ever heard of the saying “the money is in the list”?


I think you’ll agree that I’ve stated the obvious in the points above, and I hope you agree, is that a highly converting email follow-up series is a gold mine when it comes from a successful email marketer with a flare for words. Lee Murray is nothing if not a successful marketer with a talent for words I sometimes can’t grasp.

What can you expect from the 21 DFY emails?

Emails 1 to 3: They’re more of an introduction, general type emails, starting with an introduction, discussing mindset, building authority and trust.

Emails 4 and 5: These focus on Fiverr and how easy it is to have everything set up quickly and affordably.

Emails 6 – 8: These emails cover blogging, but more focused on authority blogging, i.e. getting your thoughts and opinions out there for Google to gobble up.

Emails 9 to 12: These emails start focusing on list building. Here you start learning about traffic, and how to control the element of traffic with an email list. You also look at the beginnings of creating your own product.

Emails 13 to 14: Here you’ll cover free traffic.

Emails 15 and 16: These cover YouTube Marketing. You already know YouTube is owned by Google, and a search engine second only to Google.

Emails 17 and 18: Good Old SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This topic is as complex as any other out there. You’ll be teaching something great here.

Emails 19: This email covers Adsense. This is Google’s advertising platform. An easy way to start earning an income the more visitors you get to your site.

Email 20: Here you look at CPA marketing (or Cost Per Action) marketing. Many marketers have found huge success with this method, so definitely one to look out for.

Email 21: Last but not least, a final general email to close the series off. The title elicits a panicked response, but would no doubt be focused on getting your subscriber to take action.


As if that’s not enough, you even get 10 internet marketing niche articles to use as you wish.


Why should you buy Lee Murray’s email series?

  • I’d say it’s going to save you the time trying to write a highly converting and cohesive email series.
  • You get to use Lee’s authority as an experienced marketer who’s been in this industry for a long time.
  •  You’ll also learn form these emails (after all, we should never stop learning, especially from the experts)
  • And finally, with a powerful email follow up series, you’re building an asset as you build your list.


Final Thoughts:

Do yourself a favour and take a look at what’s on offer. I’m pretty sure there is something of value that you can’t deny in this done for you email follow up series.

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