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Should you buy the Commission Toolbox? Here are my thoughts.

By Angelo

September 23, 2016

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If you’re here, then you’re wondering if you should buy the Commission Toolbox by Glynn Kosky. In this article, I’ll go through what I liked and what I disliked about the course, there are a few on both sides, so read on to learn more.

Here is what is promised on the sales page:

Explosive New Guide Reveals How You Can Generate $100+ Per Day Using 100% FREE Traffic & 100% FREE Tools That Are Readily Available Online


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Can commission toolbox live up to this promise? Let’s find out.

So, I think one of the main grabbing points is that you can actually start online with very little to no cost. Of course, I’d advise to at least get a domain name and web hosting, costing only a few dollars a month. Feel free to visit my internet marketing tools and resources page to learn how to set up your first website.

You must by now heard the saying: The money is in the list… If you have, then you know that building an email list is key to a successful online business.

As an overview, the commission toolbox shows you how to get your first website up and running, how to build a landing page and connect a free email service to the landing page ready for traffic. You’re then shown various methods to get free and paid traffic to your offers with the aim of making affiliate commissions.

With regards to the pdf ebook accompanying the course, it gets a little hazy for the complete beginner I’d say, and this brings me to the next section in my review, the bonuses you get with this product.


What bonuses do you get with the commission toolbox?

If nothing else, it’s Bonus #2 that got me really excited. Glynn, the creator of this course, gives you access to all his previous courses. This alone makes the price of this worth it in my opinion. The courses offer a wide range of tactics you can put into place and start your online business with a bang.


Who is this not for?

I’d caution the complete beginner on the detail of the ebook, it isn’t as detailed or explanative as I’d like. It’s not the end of the world though, as mentioned above, the video courses you get access to go into much more detail on how to set things up to get started.


Who is this for?

I’d say, at this price point, with the bonuses, it is for anyone looking to start making affiliate commissions.



What I don’t like about commission toolbox:

I’ll admit, I’m one for the finer details, so the ebook fell a bit short for me. It lacked a bit of formatting and could have been written with a bit more detail, but that’s just a minor point really. The over the shoulder video courses is where the detailed training takes place.


What I like about commission toolbox:

I like this training mostly because it’s not one but a whole bunch of training courses you get access to. You’re going to spend quite a bit of time working through these.

I’d caution you not to get bogged with information overload, or to discount each training too quickly.

While you’re give an incredible amount of value, don’t jump around.

Work through a course, take action, and then work through the next.


In summary, do I recommend the commission toolbox?

I’m going to give this a thumbs up. Glynn provides incredible value and training in the commission toolbox.

The over the shoulder courses with the bonus courses are of incredible value, much more than the low cost of the initial product.

the commission toolbox ebook

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