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After hours building a page with Elementor Pro, these 3 things became apparent.

By Angelo

February 19, 2017

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With a recent update from the team at Elementor, you can now integrate your forms with MailChimp, MailPoet and Zapier . I’ve been anxiously waiting for Elementor to have integrations with autoresponders, and I’m pleased to see that it’s finally here. Take a look at the update below for further info.


If you’re looking for a page builder for your website, then you may want to find out what I thought of Elementor Pro, you may find it’s exactly what you’re looking for, or not, in which case I tell you what I’d recommend as alternatives. I’ve worked with the top page builders in my opinion, and now Elementor pro, here are my thoughts on building a page with Elementor Pro.

Building a Page with Elementor Pro


1.     It’s not a squeeze page builder

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They’ve finally done it! The Elementor team have now integrated MailChimp, MailPoet and Zapier email services to their forms. To say it’s not a Squeeze page builder is no longer entirely true. Sure, they haven’t include the big autoresponder services used by internet marketers, like Aweber and GetResponse, but I’m sure this will follow soon.

In the mean time, you can simply sign up for a free mailchimp account and start collecting emails from your Elementor built squeeze pages!


If you’re looking for a website page builder, then this may be for you, however, if you’re looking for a page builder that integrates autoresponder code, for example with Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp etc., then at the moment it would appear Elementor Pro isn’t what you’re looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, Elementor Pro is an amazing page builder, but it’s fairly new, and the team are working super hard to add great functionality to the page builder.

thrive content builder squeeze templateAt the time of writing this article though, and from what I gather on their forum it will get autoresponder function in the near future.

You may want to check to see if they’ve added this or not.

Once the Elementor team have integrated autoresponder functionality to their page builder, including the major services, Aweber and Getresponse, then this will surely be a contender to the top squeeze page builder in my opinion, Thrive Content Builder.

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Ok, so I said that Elementor Pro is not a Squeeze Page builder, and while that’s still true when it comes to autoresponder integration, they’ve recently added a fantastic functionality to their visual page builder, and that’s Elementor Shape dividers, and Gradient Effect.

Just take a look at the squeeze pages I quickly built with this new feature, simply beautiful in my opinion.

With the gradient and shape divider, it’s so easy to take a plain and boring looking squeeze page, and transform it into a very striking looking page.

elementor gradient and shape divider

Sure, I still need to manually add my autoresponder code via an html widget, but it’s not the end of the world,

especially when you see the outcome of the gradient and shape divider feature included with the latest Elementor page builder.

I believe Elementor is currently working on Mailchimp integration, so they’re getting there.



2.     It looks similar to the Divi Visual Builder


I’ve included images of what both visual page builders look like. First up we have Elementor.

elementor page builderThe next image is what Divi typically looks like. I couldn’t include the settings window because I wanted to show the similar sections. Divi has a floating settings window, which can be snapped to the left as with Elementor.
But then Divi is a theme with a page builder, so I’d prefer Divi since you get more for your money.


You might be interested in an article I wrote where I put Thrive Content Builder against Divi 2.0. Divi 3.0 hadn’t been launched yet, so the page builder was a module, section and row based page builder.divi live visual page builder

Divi 3.0 with it’s live visual page builder has taken the theme and builder to another level.

They created a fantastic product, something you should check out if you’re looking for a high quality theme and page builder.



3.     It’s not as intuitive as Thrive Content Builder

Even though it’s a great visual page builder, it’s still not as intuitive as Thrive Content Builder is

I think the left right workflow aspect throws me a bit, where with Thrive, the section, row or item you drag and drop gives a menu on the screen, in front of you, rather than clicking on the settings menu on the left.

thrive page builder This is similar with the Divi Builder, and while it’s perhaps something just to get used to, I find Thrive Builder more intuitive and fast to work with.
The learning curve for Thrive is much easier and quicker than Elementor Pro and Divi, since their visual builders look somewhat similar in their workflow.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”Elementor is a Free Page Builder”]

Elementor is a free page builder plugin.

It’s important that I include the fact that while Elementor Pro is a paid option, Elementor itself is a free page builder plugin that you can download from their site. The pro offers extras which you may not necessarily need for your site, integration with woo commerce for example, so check it out if you’re looking for a really good free page builder.


[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Top Quality Page Builders”]

I’ve only got praise for the Teams

A quick note on these page builders and my opinions. I consider these page builders among the top page builders, each of these teams, Thrive Themes, Elegant Themes and the team at Elementor have created amazing products.

Much respect goes to each of them for their hard work in creating fantastic page builders.

With that said, my opinions my own, and are what I’ve found while working with the plugins on my own sites.

My thoughts are based solely on how easy I’ve found the page builder plugins, and how long it took to build pages with the elements I required.



Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. I aim to continue working with each of the page builder plugins, hopefully I get proficient in using them, and who knows, my thoughts may change. If they do, I’ll be sure to update this post accordingly.

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You may find the following about Elementor, Divi and Thrive helpful


Elementor Pro is less focused on Sales Pages

Another thing I noted with Elementor Pro is that it has a few great templates, but less focused on sales pages. Where Thrive is completely focused on lead generation and sales, Elementor Pro and perhaps in this instance Divi as well, focus more on building a great looking website, which only consists of pages.

Don’t get me wrong, Elementor Pro has the functionality to capture email addresses, just not in a squeeze page, or popup window fashion.

In this regard, I like Thrive, it’s built to do exactly what they aimed to do, capture leads and make sales.

Thrive include long copy sales templates, which are really easy to update and make your own. This is especially helpful if you’re a beginner, and want to create a high converting sales page, but don’t really know how to start.


Thrive Content Builder includes DFY Sales Pages Templates.

What I really like about the Thrive templates, is that each of their templates, sales pages, product pages are pre-built with copywriting in mind. These sales pages are built for conversions, and that’s awesome, especially if writing good copy isn’t a strength of yours.


Divi offer free pre-built home pages you can download

I can’t praise the team at Elegant Themes enough for their amazing freebies. They’ve created some beautiful home pages that you can download for free, upload to your site and change as you see fit.

The latest example of a Divi freebie, is a coffee home page. This page is very impressive, you can see an example below. You can download it for free too, you can do so here: Divi coffee-house home page free download.

divi free download coffee house


With each of their strengths, what about cost you might ask?

I think it always comes down to cost and fit for purpose.

Here are my thoughts on each of the page builders when taking into account cost.

A quick note, I’ve purchased each of these page builders, and have used each a fair amount on my own websites.

Thrive Themes – I have their yearly membership, which gives me access to all their themes and plugins.

Elegant Themes – I had to grab their lifetime option. I had the developer level, and then realised that they offer their customers a great discount, and then jumped for lifetime while I could.

Elementor Pro – I had to try it for a single site and I’m glad I did, it’s got great potential as a website builder.


[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Building a Website”]

For website building including premium themes – I’d choose Divi. The Divi theme and visual page builder is a one-stop-shop which will give you everything you need to create an amazing looking website.



[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Building Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages”]

For squeeze pages, sales pages and seamless autoresponder functionality – I’d choose Thrive Themes.

Everything about Thrive is solely focused on getting leads and turning leads into customers. Not only that, but their themes and plugins are also built with speed in mind. A slow website is the quickest way to lose a visitor, the Thrive team have acknowledged that and built everything with speed in mind.

Often, less is more.



Final Thoughts on Elementor Pro

I’m glad I got Elementor Pro, I aim to continue working with it, especially when they get autoresponder integration. At that point, I think Elementor Pro will be a serious contender to the top website page builders.

At the moment, though, I would still highly recommend Thrive Themes and Elegant Themes.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://imangelo.com/ThriveThemes’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Thrive Themes[/thrive_link][thrive_link color=’purple’ link=’https://imangelo.com/ElegantThemes’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Elegant Themes[/thrive_link]


Affiliate disclaimer: Last thing I’d like to add, the links to Thrive and Elegant themes are my affiliate links. Should you decide either are right for you and purchase through my link, I will get a commission with no impact to you. For that, I thank you. Supporting me helps me keep doing what I love.

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