November 21


Black Friday Deals on the Top Page Builders

By Angelo

November 21, 2017

Black Friday, Top Page Builder Deals

This time of year is crazy when it comes to deals, and fortunately for us, this is true for the top page builders too. I’ve seen Black Friday Deals on the Top Page Builders of two out of the three best page builders, so check it out if you’ve been waiting for a discount.


The Best Page Builders at a Discount, Yes Please!

First up, we have Elementor Pro. You can learn more about the Elementor Pro Black Friday Deals and get in line for a huge surprise. If you haven’t grabbed this page builder, then you’ll want to keep an eye on page builders deals

Next we have Elegant Themes. They’ve gone and created a countdown with crazy deals up for grabs every day. You can learn more about the Elegant Themes Black Friday Deals here.

What about Thrive Themes? You may be surprised to learn that the team at Thrive aren’t doing a Black Friday Sale event, and they even wrote a lengthy post explaining exactly why.

So that’s not great if you were hoping to get a great deal on the Thrive plugins and themes, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn what they intend to do for Black Friday.

You can check out the blog post here to learn more: What Thrive Themes are doing for Black Friday.


So, which page builder is the one for you?

Which deal to jump on, you may be wondering. It’s not an easy answer to be sure, each page builder offer incredible value, and while you only need one, you may end up doing what I did, and that is… I got all three!

Yip, I had to try them all out, and see which I liked the most. I didn’t however expect to love them all, so I simply continued to support the teams at Elegant Themes, Elementor and Thrive Themes.

They work hard to provide great value in terms of their page builders, plugins and themes, so I thought it’s only a good thing to keep supporting them.

With that said, I am also an affiliate of each. I love using each, I love what they offer in terms of creating awesome websites and pages, and I like writing about my experienced with them. What it means to be an affiliate, is that should you make a purchase at either of these (or all in my case), at no cost to you, I get a commission.

Should you decide to do so, I thank you for your support.


Don’t miss out on the Black Friday Deals on the Top Page Builders.

Check out what the teams have planned for Black Friday, and grab yourself a great deal, or as is the case with thrive, help give others the chance to create their own opportunities.


Here for the Deal, but not familiar with these Page Builders?

If you’re here simply because you saw the word ‘deal’, then I’m glad you stopped by.

If however, you’re unfamiliar with these great page builders, below I’ve listed some resources or articles you may find useful in learning more about them, and my experiences with each.

Learn more about these WordPress page builders and my experiences with each.

The first post I’m linking to is some great additions to the Elementor Page Builder. You can check it out here: 3 Things I love about the Elementor Page builder.

Each of my links will open in a new tab, so you can go ahead and click on each without losing your place. Enjoy!

The second that you may find interesting is about the Elegant Themes team, that are giving away website packs to download for Free! I know, it’s crazy how they give us so much value!

You can read more about it here: Download Full Website Packs for Free with Divi.

The third article I think you’ll enjoy reading is my head to head comparison of the Thrive page builder, now called Thrive Architect, and the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes. Here you go: 3 Reasons I chose Thrive over Divi.

Last but not least, is my buyers guide of the 5 best WordPress page builders. It’s a buyer’s guide with the aim of helping you decide what you need in a page builder, and which one offers you exactly what you’re looking for.


In Summary:

You can’t go wrong with either of these page builders. They’re all amazing and will help you create fantastic looking websites, pages and help you build your online business by making the visual aspect and experience that much easier to create for your visitors.


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