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2 reasons why I don’t use Leadpages, and the alternative I use instead

By Angelo

November 4, 2016

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[This post was last updated: 23 November 2016 – updates are marked in the text below]

If you’re starting out with getting your online business off the ground, if you’re a newbie, then you’re going to need some tools to start promoting your offer and collecting email addresses. If you’ve seen the pricing for Leadpages, then you may have had the same reaction as I did. Here are my top 2 reasons why I don’t use Leadpages, and the alternative I use instead.

If you asked yourself, “Do I really have to pay that much to create a landing page?”, fret not, I felt the same. Read on though, a possible solution or alternative is available that you may want to consider.

Reason #1: Cost

In my opinion, the cost of Leadpages is too high for any beginner or marketer that’s budget conscious.

If you’ve been searching online for ways to make money, then you no doubt are in the same category as I was, and that is under a strict budget. I’ll be honest, when I was told to use LeadPages, I was really concerned that I had to pay such a high monthly fee (annually), just to create a landing page.

It didn’t include a website, domain name or anything like that, only a page I could send traffic to.

Needless to say, being the researcher I am, I decided to look elsewhere for alternatives to what LeadPages offers.

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Before we continue, I must say that I respect what the folks over at LeadPages have done. Their product is top notch. Their landing pages offer fantastic conversion rates.

They offer the latest and greatest when it comes to the best looking pages and integrations. Creating landing pages is very intuitive and easy to use, I must applaud them on creating a great product.


If I wasn’t budget conscious, and I had the ability to pay for an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse and LeadPages, then I might have looked a bit more closely at their services.

The Leadpages email newsletters

I signed up to their newsletter, and they offer some fantastic resources that you can download. One newsletter even gave the option to download their highest converting landing page at the time.

Sure, it didn’t work without the LeadPages service, but I could see what elements are important to include, and that’s great value offered for nothing from LeadPages.

I’m grateful for what I learned from their newsletter, even though I didn’t sign up for their services.

Ok, moving on to my next reason.

Reason #2: It’s not a theme and page builder for your website

You can’t use Leadpages as a website theme or help with creating all the pages of your website.

LeadPages doesn’t actually leave you with a website, or great looking articles or content (blog posts for example) you can claim ownership to.

Somewhere down the line you’ll still need a website, you’ll still need to create blog posts for search engine traffic (Google and Bing).

Remember, having your own website is an asset. It holds value to you, and everything that you build and all the content you create on your website is yours.

If we compare the costs of setting up a website, at the time of writing this article, a domain name at NameSilo costs around $8.99 for a year, hosting with Hostgator  is also really inexpensive, from $3.98 per month for the baby plan (and I recommend you go for the baby plan rather than the hatchling).

Adding the costs of a domain name and web hosting for a year, is so low, it’s crazy not to go this route. Sure, you’re still going to need a page builder and a theme for your website, but you can get both for free.

I however use and highly recommend you check out Thrive Themes, and Elegant Themes.

Both companies create WordPress themes and plugins.

For a fraction of the price of LeadPages for example, you can get all their themes and plugins, which gives you everything you need to create an awesome looking website, build highly converting landing pages and squeeze pages, and collect leads to your hearts content.

Now here’s my dilemma:

I actually like both Thrive Themes and Elegant Themes, but I use them in different scenarios, for websites focused on lead capture or building a list, Thrive Themes is king.

For review websites or affiliate websites, I use Elegant Theme’s Divi theme and page builder.

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You may be interested to read my article on why I chose Thrive over Divi (the link will open in a new tab for you, so you can continue reading here without jumping to the next page).


Reasons I don’t use Leadpages. Is Leadpages that costly?

At the time of writing, for approximately two months of using Leadpages, you can get a year subscription to all of Elegant Themes products including the Divi theme (which is awesome in my opinion) and all their plugins.

Taking it a step further, for a year’s subscription to LeadPages, you can get Lifetime access to all of the Elegant Themes products.

For anyone starting out, trying to earn a consistent income online, I’d say save your money, move away from LeadPages, and rather check out Elegant Themes or Thrive Themes.

They offer amazing value for a fraction of the price.

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Remember, you’re going to be building your list as a priority if you’re serious about your online business, so you will need to get an email service like Aweber or Getresponse. This is already an expense even before you’ve started making any money, adding another expensive service simply to build landing pages is unnecessary in my opinion, since you’re going to need to create a website, you’ll need a theme and a page builder, and we discussed that above.

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If you’re looking for an in-depth breakdown of the differences between Thrive Landing Pages and LeadPages, then head on over to the Thrive Themes blog post where they go into each of the major differences between the two services.

A few points stood out that I thought I’d list here, and that is:

  • LeadPages is a hosted solution (i.e. you don’t need a website), where Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress Plugin. This may be a deciding factor, but to be honest, if you want to create a sustainable income online, you need to have a website in my opinion.
  • In the blog post referenced above, the team at Thrive compare their membership to the pro level of LeadPages. To give you a hint, Thrive is half the price per year than LeadPages Pro.
  • A plus point for LeadPages is that they give you the ability to sort landing pages by conversion rate. For a beginner, this could be invaluable, especially if you don’t know what a good landing page should look like, the elements it requires, etc.
  • When building a landing page, you get 17 elements that you can add to your LeadPages landing page, where Thrive give you 37 elements. These include countdown timers, typefocus, headline optimization and testimonial elements.
  • Where LeadPages offers a solution to get your squeeze pages set up and ready very quickly, Thrive has a little bit of a learning curve, but with that comes so much more freedom to make yours look exactly the way you want it to.
  • With the Thrive membership, you get access to all their themes and plugins, and everything they release in the future. You basically get access to an entire toolbox for your online business.
  • Another great benefit and difference between Thrive and LeadPages, is you can joint Thrive’s affiliate program simply by being a member, where you need to be on the Pro level to have access to their affiliate program.


Once again, it comes down to cost for me.

As I mentioned above, LeadPages offer an amazing service, their landing pages are one of the best that you can get, but for a service that only allows you to create landing pages, versus a suite of tools, themes, plugins that you can use on your websites, for half the price, just doesn’t makes sense to even consider LeadPages.

I don’t use Leadpages because I will choose Thrive Themes every time.

Final Thoughts:

You probably have a good idea that I don’t have too many reasons I don’t use leadpages, other than the cost and the fact that you still need a theme and page builder for your website.

The teams at Leadpages, Thrive Themes and Elegant Themes work really hard at creating amazing value for us as customers. All you need to do is figure out what suites your needs the best.

To me the choice is easy and that’s why I don’t use LeadPages, instead I use Thrive and Divi.

If you’d like to learn more about Elegant Themes and Divi, you can give the new Visual Divi Builder a try for free, try it out here: Divi 3.0

I’d appreciate your opinion on this, let me know in the comments if you agree or not. Of course, we’re all allowed to have our opinions, and are free to like and dislike products and tools, but it would be interesting to know what you think and where you are in your online career.

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